Meet Nick Daugherty

 Founder – CEO – Partner

nick daughtery

Nick Daugherty began his career with the Grand Prairie Police Department (GPPD) in 2003. He semi retired in 2017 after serving as a patrol officer, SRO serving on a underage alcohol/drug task force, patrol sergeant, field training sergeant, fleet coordinator, and criminal intelligence sergeant. He continued to serve as reserve officer for GPPD until officially retiring in 2023.

During his career he was awarded numerous honors and commendations, including a lifesaving award, as well as being named officer of the month 4 times, Jim Thorne Officer of the year 2 times, and the Sergeant Gregory Hunter supervisor of the year award. Additionally, Nick holds a Master Peace Officer certification and a TCOLE instructor’s certificate.  

At a young age, Nick did a lot of irresponsible things with money, consistently partaking in “stupid tax” (the art of buying toys he couldn’t afford using credit cards). Before he knew it, he had accumulated over $80,000 in consumer debt, most of which was wrapped up in cars, a $21,000 car stereo , and just “plain ole stuff.” He was tired . . . tired of being in debt and tired from working so much overtime to keep afloat!

Nick realized that he needed to educate himself on personal finances and work to get out of the hole he had dug for himself. He was introduced to the debt snowball method to paying off debt and utilized it to dig himself out of that debt hole he was in. He sold a bunch of that “plain ole stuff”, and worked over a thousand hours of overtime to get out of debt –which he achieved in 2007 and has been consumer debt free ever since!

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In 2011, Nick was approached by Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye to create, and instruct, a progressive training block on financial wellness, “Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families”. This program became mandatory training for the entire GPPD force and has now been taught to over 35,000 first responders from thousands of agencies, academies, national conferences, and police leadership organizations from across the country. FinancialCop wellness training for first responders is now one of the largest financial wellness training groups in the country operated by first responders, for first responders!

Nick is also the CEO, and founder of FinancialCop LLC, a full-service financial firm for first responders, run by first responders as well as being a licensed life insurance agent. Additionally, he has completed classes through Ken Zahn’s Certified Financial Planning professional education program.

Nick also serves in various volunteer capacities nationally as a peer support and crisis coach, along with having served on the Texas Police Chief Association Officer Suicide Committee, focusing on the financial wellness impact in regards to officer suicide / PTSD.