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Eliminate the guesswork so you can confidently plan your financial future for the retirement you deserve. While you’re serving your community, do you know who’s serving your retirement account?  

Do you struggle with planning your financial future?

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FinancialCop Financial Planning Services

Unlike some financial advisors that only put your best interest ahead of theirs “some” of the time. We always put your best interest ahead of ours, operating off of the fiduciary standard 100% of the time, and are 100% transparent about fees and compensation!  

A big difference:

  • Registered investment advisors (RIAs) must adhere to the fiduciary standard and do what’s in your best interest. We operate only under this standard.
  • All other, non-fiduciary financial professionals, do not operate on a fiduciary  standard, operating under a lower suitability standard.
  • Most financial advisors are dual registered, meaning they wear two hats and can operate with fiduciary or best-interest structure, and sometimes both.


We are owned and operated by current and retired police officers with many years of experience helping our fellow brothers and sisters.  FinancialCop is an independent firm which means we are not limited to any proprietary products, services, or sales quotas. We believe this allows us to focus on finding the best solutions that are tailored to your specific financial circumstances.

Texas Pensions Systems and Retirement Plans

Trying to understand all the different options within your pension can be difficult for even the most seasoned first responder. FinancialCop has spent years navigating these complicated systems and can help you understand all your options to help you get the retirement you deserve.

The Texas Municipal Retirement System is a retirement benefit for employees of participating Texas Municipalities. Members contribute a mandatory amount with municipalities matching those contributions based on their guidelines. Upon retirement members select from one of 28 option providing, lump sum, lifetime annuity, and survivorship options. Ask Us About TMRS

As employees of the state of Texas, police officers participate in and receive benefits from the Employment Retirement System which provides a lifetime annuity and survivorship options upon retirement. Ask Us About  ERS

As public servants, police officers of public schools can participate in the Teacher Retirement System. This program includes a monthly annuity for life and survivor benefits. Ask Us About TRS

The Texas County and District Retirement System is a savings-based plan consisting of savings over the length of the career, with employer matching funds that provides retirement and survivor benefits to employees upon retirement. Ask Us About TCDRS

Money Management & Investment Strategy for Police Officers

Many people struggle with managing their money, but first responders face challenges that other careers paths do not. Money management and investment strategy is an essential part of a secure financial future. FinancialCop can help you through these challenges to make the most of your money with customized management and investment strategies.

Asset allocation is an important part of balancing your investment portfolio. But finding the right mix of stocks, cash, real estate, etc., is limitless and can be overwhelming. Serve & Protect Financial can help plan and execute the right asset allocation for you. (Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.) Ask Us About Asset Allocation

The life and financial situations of first responders are unquestionably unique. We have different considerations to think about. Serve & Protect Financial Texas can help you establish successful investment planning based on your specific goals. Ask Us About Investment Advice

Maintaining an investment portfolio can be a fulltime job. Staying on top of the daily flow of the stock market can be exhausting. Serve & Protect Financial Texas is a flat rate fee financial firm operating as fiduciary financial advisors that manages your portfolio for you. Ask Us About Portfolio Management

457 Deferred Compensation plans are offered by numerous government employers and allows you to defer your compensation until you leave your employer in a retirement plan. They can have numerous investment options that can include pre, and after-tax contribution allowances. Ask Us About 457 Deferred

403(b)/ 401k retirement programs are offered by most private and non-profit employers. They can have numerous investment options that can include pre, and after-tax contribution allowances, and sometimes a company match Ask Us About 403(b) & 401k

Life Insurance Strategy for Police Officers

As first responders, we need to control the situations we are in, especially if we are facing an unknown element. So why do we neglect to ensure our future is protected? To control the unknown in our own lives? Life insurance is a commonly ignored form of insurance, but it should be a tool in your arsenal for a secure financial future and we can get the right policy for you and your family.

Delaying in planning your life insurance leaves you and your family unprotected. Serve & Protect Financial Texas can help you navigate complicated life insurance policies to ensure your family has a secure financial future. Ask About Life Insurance Planning 

Long term care insurance prepares you for health services that are not covered by traditional health insurance. These policies help cover costs of care in the event of chronic medical conditions, helping to potentially protect your retirement nest egg. Ask About LTC Insurance

Generational Finance Planning for Police Officer Families

Preparing for your family’s future is more than just a default plan for what will happen to your house when you pass. You need to map out your family’s future with careful debt reduction planning, financial counseling, will and estate planning, personalized wealth transfer strategies, plus a college savings plan if it’s important to provide college for your children. Serve & Protect Financial Texas can help you reach these goals, so the future of your financial assets is explicit and purposeful.

On duty or off, you serve the public every day of your life. You deserve every cent you make—if not more. But life is unpredictable, and we all make mistakes. Debt doesn’t have to control you. Ask About Debt Reduction

Our jobs are stressful. We don’t need to worry about our finances, too. Our financial health can directly impact every aspect of our lives. Our financial counseling can help you gain the financial health you deserve. Ask About Financial Counseling

Protecting your wealth so you can pass it on to your family while minimizing tax implications is important. Create a wealth transfer plan to ensure your money and assets follow your wishes. Ask About Wealth Transfer Strategies

Will and estate planning are must-have tools to provide for your loved ones. Plan your family’s financial future with well-drawn wills, trusts, and valuable estate planning while minimizing tax implications. Ask About Will and Estate Planning tools available for first responders

College savings plans can be tricky and there is a lot to consider. Ensuring you know the details about the many different ways to save for college for your kids is crucial. Ask About College Savings Plans

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Consistent and ongoing financial management is key to a strong retirement. With our process you’ll be confident in your, or your teams’, financial future.

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Making healthy financial choices is essential to building a strong financial future. Our Legacy Go-Bag makes organizing and keeping track of your finances easy. A Legacy Go-Bag creates an organized place to have all important personal information and instructions to help your family locate items related to your personal finances and final wishes. A Legacy Go-Bag will help give them specific instructions, from you, about how you want things to occur in the event that you pass away or are seriously injured.

Organize your finances with the Legacy Go-Bag Worksheet.