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When you become a victim of identity theft, restoring your hard-earned identity can be overwhelming and cost serious money and time. Help protect yourself, and your family, with the #1 ranked Identity Theft Protection through Identity Guard.*

You Wouldn’t Leave Yourself Unprotected At Work. Don’t Leave You Or Your Family's Identity Unprotected In Your Personal Life.

According to a 2016 Bureau of Justice Statistics report, an estimated 10% of persons over the age of 16 reported being a victim of identity theft. Identity theft is becoming one of the fastest growing crimes in America and more than ever, first responders are being targeted! Almost 1 in 5 notified breach victims have experienced identity fraud with consumers having spent over 154 million hours resolving identity fraud issues. 1

Why Identity Theft Protection

In today’s environment we have to be ever diligent with all aspects of our professional and private lives. The unfortunate reality is that our data is being attacked more and more frequently, simply because of the profession we choose.

A data breach in 2019 exposed over 23,000 law enforcement personnel and affiliated individuals alone; that’s just one of the many data breaches first responders have experienced.2 There are numerous ways your identity can be stolen. Help protect yourself and your family from becoming the victim of the various types of identity theft.

Common Types of Identity Theft

This type of identity fraud can occur when someone takes your information (usually stolen) and combines it with fake information to create a whole new identity.

Oftentimes one of the most common forms of identity theft we think of is credit card fraud. Someone steals a credit card, or the information, and may now use it, which may negatively affect your credit score and could leave you with fraudulent charges.

Your children may also vulnerable to identity theft. They can make valuable targets because they do not have credit histories and no child is too young for identity theft. Additionally, some don’t even find out until they are 18 because they don’t yet have credit histories!

When someone takes over your account and makes changes, it’s called account takeover fraud. It’s a challenging issue sometimes taking a lengthy amount of time to resolve.

This is when a fraudster opens a new account, credit or non-credit, in your name. 

You may heard the stories where someone filed for their income taxes and found out someone had already claimed a refund under your name. This is when someone uses your SSN to get your tax refund and it’s called tax fraud. If you’re a victim of this crime you could be denied your refund or may be flagged by the IRS for not reporting all earned wages.

How it works


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Create a watchlist, monitor threats, and get alerts from Identity Guard when a risk is detected. The more Identity Guard watches, the better protected you are by Identity Guard.


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Identity Guard will help you restore your identity and can reimburse funds lost due to identity theft.**

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(1)  “2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis,” Ponemon Institute, 2017


* #1 ranked claim based on the current rank of Identity Guard on and as of 6/02/2020

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