Meet Chance Tuttle

Wealth Manager – Oklahoma

Chance Tuttle began his career in law enforcement in 2012 with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Since then, Chance has served the State of Oklahoma in various capacities. He was assigned to the patrol division in Troop B, Tulsa Metro for 10 years and has been a member of their state Tac Team for 10 years. Chance is a firearms instructor, breaching instructor, active shooter instructor, field training trooper, night vision instructor, an explosive breacher, and holds an advanced police officer certificate. Chance has been in numerous critical incidents during his time on the Tac Team, earning “Trooper of The Year” in 2018. Through these critical incidents, Chance has found a passion for first responder mental health. He is now assigned to a newly created division within the Highway Patrol called the Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division. This is a division that serves every first responder in Oklahoma, not just the Highway Patrol.

Chance’s passion outside of law enforcement has always been finances. Chance was extremely fortunate to have a father that raised him to think responsibly about finances. For Chance’s 15th birthday, his father drove him to Stillwater, Oklahoma to meet his parents’ Financial Advisor, who also happened to be his grandpa’s advisor as well. At the time, Chance thought this was the absolute worst birthday present ever! However, that one visit changed the way he thought about money, and over time, proved to be one of the best presents his father could have given him. Because of this experience at 15, Chance learned the two greatest powers in the financial world, time and compound interest.

When Chance was in college his father was diagnosed with leukemia and was given weeks to live. His father passed within two weeks and a significant part of the estate fell on Chance’s shoulders overnight. Despite being overwhelmed, Chance and his mother were supported every step of the way by their family’s financial advisor. In a time of deep sadness, they had an advisor they knew they could trust to guide them through a difficult situation. Chance’s father, along with trusted advisors, had already put in the work to make the transition as easy as possible after his death.  

Due to Chance’s experience, his passion for finances goes deeper than just making money for his clients, it is about building relationships, strengthening families, and leaving a legacy for future generations. Chance wishes more than anything, to be able to tell his dad “Thank You” for giving him the worst 15th birthday present ever!

Chance and his wife also help run The Bench Foundation where they currently serve as the President and Executive Director. The Bench Foundation is an organization that supports active and retired first responders. The foundation connects first responders to critical wellness resources in times of need, provides college scholarships for children of first responders, and funds projects and initiatives that support retired first responders.