The foundation for Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families  got its start back in 2011 when Officer Nick Daugherty of the Grand Prairie Police Department was approached by his Police Chief Steve Dye, to start a progressive training block on financial planning in Grand Prairie. “I approached Nick as to the possibility of training the members of GPPD in the area of financial planning.  My thought was that if we could help our officers and civilian employees reduce their financial stress and burdens then they would be healthier and more productive employees” ~ Steve Dye

The FinancialCops have taught thousands of first responders from over 1,000 agencies nationwide, ranging from police and fire agencies, police academies, police leadership organizations, and national conferences. Utilizing the principles of Dave Ramsey, he has helped thousands of first responders work towards living a debt free lifestyle and achieving financial freedom.  Additionally he has been a guest on first responder podcasts from across the nation and written articles in Police Chief magazine, Lawenforcementtoday.com, Texas Municipal Police Association’s InService magazine, and is featured on Policeone.com’s national online training academy on the topics of financial wellness.

The FinancialCops have the heart of teachers and a passion for teaching first responders how to handle their finances and plan for the future so that officers can move from having to work longer than they have to, giving them the ability to comfortably retire when they want to.

The FinancialCops know the perspective of first responders because they are first responders, with decades of law enforcement experience.  They have the perspective to be able to address the unique challenges that First Responders face with comprehensive financial planning for their complicated lives.

Are you interested in giving your First Responders the gift of learning how to achieve financial freedom from this revolutionary training?
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Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families has been featured at numerous leadership academies and national conferences to include:

  • Concerns of Police Survivors national conference 2017 & 2018
  • Texas Women in Law Enforcement conference 2018
  • Texas Public Safety Conference – 2018
  • Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas’s Police Chief Leadership series and Command Staff Leadership series of police 2017/2018 mandatory training cycle for all 1,200 Texas chiefs of police
  • Serveprotect.org 2018 national health and wellness conference
  • Policeone.com national online training academy
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 2019 national conference
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police – Officer Safety and Wellness Symposium 2019
  • Institute for Law Enforcement Administration – School of Police Supervision since 2015
  • CARUTH Police Institute’s Sergeant Supervisory Series, Civilian Supervisory Series, and Leadership Development Series
  • Blue Help’s 2019 Michigan Regional Conference
  • Bless the Badge conferences
  • 2019 Proud Police Wife national online conference

Outside of the above conferences and leadership academies we have taught first responders from almost every single municipal agency  from across the state of Texas as well as countless other agencies from across the country. If you are interested in giving your agency the gift of financial wellness education through Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families contact us today at info@financialcop.com.

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